Organic Strawberries

Our Varieties:

  • Galletta: (early season) Produces large glossy fruits with excellent flavor, great for eating
  • Jewel: (mid season) excellent flavor, excellent freezing quality
  • Flarovfest: (mid season) large berries, bright red color with excellent flavor profiles
  • Sparkle: (late mid season) best strawberry for jam and freezing, flavorful, high quality

Strawberries will continue to turn red after they are picked, but they will not ripen further or turn sweeter. Flavor is influenced by growing conditions such as the weather, stages of ripeness, harvest time and variety. Size, however, does not determine flavor

Strawberries are fat-free, low in calories and are a good source of folic acid, potassium and fiber. Eight medium-sized strawberries contain 160% of the U.S. recommended daily amount for Vitamin C.

Take a look at the lifecycle below!






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